Our Technology

Movie Glasses or Just Watch TV

Distraction can be a wonderful tool to cope with passing the time or calming anxious patients. We offer headphones or movie glasses. We also have TVs in all of the operatories.


DIAGNOdent is the revolutionary new way to find even the smallest areas of tooth decay. By using this new technology, we are able to target and treat all of your small problem areas before they turn into larger issues that require more complicated procedures. We’ve taken our most frequently asked question about DIAGNOdent and have answered them below. If you still have any other questions about DIAGNOdent and the best ways to prevent tooth decay just contact us for more information.

Digital X-Ray

Digital x ray allows us to check for flossing cavities and see the roots of the teeth and other pathologies. X rays show us what he cannot see clinically. Digital images allow us to produce high quality images with 75-90% reduction of radiation exposure compared to normal x rays.